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CV was founded by Jim Cross and Darren Verwijmeren based on a shared vision to provide bulk and detailed earthmoving services to clients who can benefit from their combined expertise, passion and resources to provide innovative and cost-effective project solutions.  

With proven geologic and surveying expertise, significant mining operations and civil earthworks experience they understand the project challenges clients face. 

Combining this expertise and experience with the ability to bring together technology, equipment and skilled workcrews, their vision has resulted in a successful, progressive company providing earthmoving capability.


Commitment to Providing Clients the Most Cost-effective and Innovative
Earthmoving Solutions in the Market

CV is committed to optimally meeting our clients’ project goals, utilising proven management, expertise and significant resources.   

- All projects are managed through a single project team with clearly defined, fully accountable, management structures that provide our clients with the benefits of seamless project delivery.

- Continuously building and investing in our equipment and workforce ensures CV can offer the most innovative and cost-efficient construction solutions in the market.