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Indigenous Partnerships
  • Cross Verwijmeren respects Traditions, Culture and Commitment to Indigenous Opportunities


  • Cross Verwijmeren is committed to providing opportunities to increase the participation of Indigenous people in the workforce. 


  • We respect the traditions and cultures of Indigenous people and recognize that the communities in which we operate play an important role in our success and sustainability.  The company proudly implements a proactive Aboriginal Employment Strategy Plan which provides targets and guidance to successfully promote and manage sustainable Indigenous employment, through recruitment, mentoring, training and career development.

  • Partnerships to Promote Social Responsibility

  • We are proud of our partnership with our clients in employing and actively recruiting Indigenous people from areas of operational activity.
    Reinforcing the company's active commitment to partnership within our communities of operation, Cross Verwijmeren have established the following Joint Venures:
  • - CV Jimagunya (Njamal)
    - CV Thulahbung (Palyku)
    - CV Lomag (Ngadju)
    - Jilpanti CV JV (PKKP)

  • These Joint Ventures support our existing Aboriginal Employment Strategy Plan and intend to:
    - Recognize and embrace the contribution of Indigenous people within the
    - Engage Indigenous staff through training and up skilling across all levels
    aa of business
    - Provide career development opportunities for Indigenous staff; and
    - Provide effective workplace support mechanisms for Indigenous staff

The company strives to maintain awareness of community issues and works closely with our clients to promote outreach for career development and employment opportunities for Indigenous staff throughout our operations.