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  • Mine Clour Bannder

 Cross Verwijmeren has Proven Expertise in Providing Bulk & Detailed Earthworks for Mine Closure


Let CV Optimise Your Mine Closure Plan Earthworks needs with:

- Greater project control with full-services owner/operator capabilities
- Mine closure earthworks experience
- Proven approaches to ecologically sustainable earthworks solutions
- Highly-trained operators experienced with DMP & EPA Guidelines
- Sensitivity to the surrounding community
- Focus on safety throughout project implementation
- Sustainable management of material: topsoil, waste rock, subsoil,
aacontaminated waste, etc

Specialised Trimble GPS machine guidance that:

- Meets your landform design parameters
- Increases machine productivity and efficiencies
- Minimises environmental impact
- Maximises ecologically sustainable closure
- Allows you to readily respond to topographical changes with limited
aadisruption to schedule


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