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Cross Verwijmeren understands your Rehabilitation Challenges

Our team brings you proven understanding of and proven successes in providing cost effective rehabilitation solutions that meet regulatory requirements with environmentally & socially responsible bulk & detailed earthworks for all aspects of minesite rehabilitation. 

Let CV optimise your Minesite Rehabilitation Earthworks Solutions with:

  • - Expertise & Experience in Ensuring Regulatory Compliant, Safe and
    aa Sustainable Solutions
  • - Highly trained Operators Experienced in Meeting DMP & EPA
  • - OneSource Owner/Operator Capabilities providing YOU Greater Project
  • - Varied fleet that ensure the right equipment is utilised
  • - A combination of rehab bars, dozers, graders and excavators with
    aa scalping buckets will provide the "Right tool for the job"
  • - Sensitivity to the Surrounding Community
  • - Proven Safety Performance
  • - Sustainable, Effective Management of Material:  
    - Topsoil
    - Waste rock
    - Subsoil
    - Contaminated waste
    - Drill samples
    - Collar cutting
    - Other
    - Specialised Trimble GPS Machine Guidance that:

    - Optimally meets your Landform Design Parameters
    - Minimises environmental impact
    - Maximises ecologically sustainable closure
    - Allows you to readily respond to topographical changes
    aawith limited disruption to schedule
    - Monitors and records rehabilitation sites

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